RELEASE DATE: April 1, 2016 | Pre-Enrollment begins now!

Learn how to sing like a pro.

My goal is to give you the tools and knowledge needed, so that eventually you can become your own teacher.

With this step-by-step comprehensive e-course, you'll be drilled with lessons and introduced to lifetime techniques to aid you in your singing or public performance career.

What you can get from taking this course?

  • Learn Proper Breath Support  
    • Singing requires a different type of voluntary breathing
    • Learn the proper breathing techniques 
  • Warm-up Training
    • Just like athletes need to warm up before practice or a game so do we
    • Learn how to properly warm up both the body and throat 
  • Vocal Projection
    • Learn the healthy way of projecting your voice
    • A great tool for those who need to speak for an extended period of time
  • Vocal Range 
    • Learn about the different types of vocal registers to optimize your singing range
    •  Know which repertoire to take on 
  • Vowel Modification 'COPERTURA'
    • Learn the tricks and tips about vowel articulation
    • How to attain more comfortable and pleasing tone production
  • Posture
    • Learn how to align your body and voice to work together
  • Total Voice Repair
    • Learn about the different types of voice traumas and how to fix them
    • How to reach instrumental equilibrium with buzz

If you want to learn to sing, improve your self confidence, public speaking abilities, or if you think you know how to sing and just want to get better, I'm here to provide you with this educational and supportive guide on how to take risks and reach your goals. All ages and experience levels are welcome, as long as you're ready to learn and accomplish your goals!

*This offer will not stay long! After April 1, 2016 the course will be priced at $299 so don't forget to enroll now!

*Those who enroll before April 1st will get a FREE copy of my comprehensive guide on "How to get Noticed in an Oversaturated Industry".

*Those who enroll in the next 48 hours will receive an additional one hour FREE video coaching. A $200 value FREE. 

Private lessons

My studio is currently accepting students but space is always limited, so please contact me as soon as possible with your availability and interest. 

What's included?

  • One-on-one consultation and vocal evaluation 

  • Individual voice instruction in person or on Skype 

  • Recommendations on what repertoire is best for you

  • Access to my networks and contacts

  • Specific role preparation 

  • Detailed practice instruction after each lesson

  • How to overcome individual obstacles and discover the strengths of your unique instrument

  • Clear diction and acting approach

  • Career and mental guidance

If you'd like to find out more information about my studio policy and rates feel free to contact me here.

I currently teach in the central NJ and Tri-state areas. 


Chris Kapica  Composer, Writer, Educator Family ADG

Chris Kapica
Composer, Writer, Educator
Family ADG

"Having worked with Lilla on several musical projects, I've found her to be a paragon of professionalism and immensely talented. She possesses an incandescent energy, ostensibly a manifestation of her torrid love of her art.  I solicited Lilla's pedagogical services, as I've been hired as a staff songwriter for a burgeoning music production company in Los Angeles. This post requires me to sing in the studio for long hours, an unfamiliar burden for me. I asked Lilla if we could work to improve my vocal tone and develop efficient technique so as not to tax my instrument.
What I received was a power-packed compendium of proper support and posture, sensible breathing, proper diction, clarity and freedom of tone techniques, mental tricks and much more. Over the course of over an hour, I noticed substantial improvement in my vocal sound and agility. She was simultaneously meticulous and encouraging, making our learning productive and also comfortable. For these reasons, I am pleased to endorse the dynamo that is Lilla Heinrich Szász. When you meet her, you will see everything I have come to appreciate about her over the six-plus years of knowing her."
Bev Clark  Organist, Instrumentalist, Amateur Vocalist  

Bev Clark
Amateur Vocalist

"I am truly honored to recommend Ms. Lilla Heinrich Szász. For two summers I had the pleasure of studying voice with her at the Chautauqua Institution in New York. All of what I am going say leads to how beautifully Lilla has worked with me. Prior to her, I only recently had 14 lessons in voice instruction. However, I did have a good background of piano, organ, and violin. Throughout my life, I never knew I had a singing voice. Lilla brought it into fruition for me.
Thanks to her, I am now a soprano and have a 3-octave range. My ability to speak and sing with correct diction, rests with her patience in recording the stanzas for me to listen to. Lilla's exceptional expertise and extensive repertoire in her field has made it possible for me to learn how to sing.
I had no idea how vocalists sustained breath support. She explained that to me in detail and we worked and worked on it. If I did not understand something, she'd explain it in a different manner. I learned how to stand properly and how to use my entire anatomy more efficiently. I've also been able to change my own speaking voice into a more distinct and clear voice. This is healthy vocal technique. 
Lilla's love for the art is evident in her enthusiastic and energetic teaching techniques. She is devoted to becoming the best kind of educator. In addition to all of this, when she performs, she is totally in-the-moment. She brings the audience along with her for the ride! She is truly a remarkable woman and all students and faculty respect and love her."



Over the years, I've compiled countless books, researched online resources and rubbed elbows with the most talented artists, conductors, directors, coaches and voice instructors in the world. Now I'd like to share my knowledge with you to enable you to be your best.

Who should join this course?

  • Aspiring singers-songwriters
  • Singers who want to get better
  • Public Speakers
  • Corporate Speakers

What are the requirements?

  • Have an open mind 
  • A computer
  • A space to practice singing
  • Yourself!

coming soon

Available online or set up as one-on-one coaching


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Learn the fundamentals of IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) and how to sing in any given language 



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What to do when you're sick and what medications to avoid 


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